Jenny Greenteeth Revisited

I'm kicking off my Jenny G production by committing to completion of the Jenny puppet, which has been partially sculpted and living under a plastic bag for about a decade (!).  Time to finish her! I've decided to revisit the head sculpt also, making some light changes (ears!), so I poured some melted clay into my old mold and pulled a duplicate head to work on...


Building a better online portfolio...

When I built my first online portfolio through blogger years ago, I couldn't even post large pics directly, had to host my photos on Photobucket.  Figured it was time for an upgrade so I built a new site through Weebly, very easy and user friendly.  Go check it out and let me know what you think!



Technical Difficulties and Animating "Blind"

Well, let me start with the good news :)  Krampus is in the can.  Two late nights animating Saturday and Sunday, and all of my shots are done.  Friday night, however, was a nightmare of frustratingly epic proportions....

I spent the evening preparing everything--tweaking lighting, getting my paint and glue at hand for quick fixes, checking camera angle, setting up tripod support in case of rampant kitty, etc.  Psyching myself up for a night of animating.  Reviewing storyboards.  Got Roman all settled in, kissed the Queen, and disappeared into the studio for a few hours of life breathing.  Until I clicked to open Stop Motion Pro.  Y'see, a few months back I made the mistake of upgrading to Windows 10 from 7.  And I started getting error messages from SMP and Windows.  "This program requires an app download.  Download DirectPlay now" ...ok download..."Could not read or write memory"...Aaaaargh!  After an hour or so of tinkering, digging out my serial # to reinstall and reregister, I finally got the software to at least open.  But with no live view, or onion skin.  And the error popups kept coming.  I just kept sliding them over because if I closed the messages, SMP would close also.

So I decided to use my wife's laptop.  Had to download SMP, reregister again.  Had to reset my serial number because I then had too many registrations, only to have the same issue on the new laptop running Windows 8.  Error error error.
Turns out, my version of SMP, Action HD 7.5, does not run on Windows 8 and up.  I needed an upgrade to use the software.  $160.  (Regular price is $175, gee thanks for the $15 discount SMP).  I don't have money laying around, especially one week before Christmas.

So I decided to go in blind.  No onion skinning, no live view.  Just me and my camera.  And since the end of the clip basically sees the set floor get destroyed, I had one shot to get it done right.

The first night went perfectly, I couldn't be happier.  The second night, the animation plays rushed, but I can work with it by manipulating playback speed, slowing down the clip.  Might be choppy but its supposed to be an old b&w film so it'll do.  It is what it is.  And it is done!

Watch for the one minute PSA here in a couple of days :)


Kreeping Krampus

I am trying like mad to get my Krampus PSA done in the next few days, animating tonight, fri, sat...here are a few screencaps from it so far...


Krampus kontinues...

All set up for the first part of my last scene, essentially the only lengthy scene in the Krampus PSA.  The majority of the short is quick cuts, like a commercial, leading up to this moment.  "Lets see what happens to this naughty girl on Christmas morning..."  Coal bounces out of fireplace to girl (rubbing her eyes with sleep).  Girl picks up coal which begins to heat up.  Drops coal which bursts into flame.  Xmas lights flicker and go out. Black.  Fireplace ignites highlighting the form of Krampus now huddled where the coal once was...

Its hard to see in the pic, but there is a bit of clay coal suspended on fishing line over the fireplace.  The fishing line is wrapped and tied to the thread spool which is mounted on a wooden dowel which is hot glued to my gauges.  Ive never used this method before, normally I would use wire to animate the coal, but the practical lighting on the Xmas tree created so many shadows of the wire that it was virtually impossible to photoshop out.  Hence the (hopefully invisible) fishing line.