Influenced by Music...

Hans Zimmer's Ring score
Alan Silvestri's What Lies Beneath score
Danny Elfman's Catwoman theme (the Pfeiffer one)

These mp3s get heavy rotation while I am working, to the point now that I can put one of these tracks on and almost instantly my creative juices flow. This music sounds like Jenny. Hopefully I will be able to score something similar when the time comes, or have someone do it for me.

The sets for the project will be constructed in three large segments, probably 6'x3' each, one for land, one for shore, and one for underwater. The 'land' set will contain trees set against a greenscreen, and a little cabin in the woods. The 'shore' set includes the rocky shoreline and the pier, and the 'underwater' set features the lake bed, lots of seaweed, and the exterior of Jenny's cave. I am going to attempt to make them modular, because I want to start with a grand sweeping stop-mo shot from the background cabin in the woods, down the pier, and underwater to Jenny's cave. Ambitious, I know.
I have built the cabin and started painting and dressing it up. Its actually only a facade, about 8" x 12", because it is going to be surrounded and hidden partially by trees. I intend on making the finished film black and white (I'm going for a Hitchcocky feel), so I decided at the last minute to paint the cabin a bright royal blue, just to give the greys a bit more depth in the end. It is a little strange tho, and will probably be distracting when I am filming the set (I know I'll be anxious to see the finished black and white clips).

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