Jenny Greenteeth, Muse & Monster

I am constantly plagued with new ideas, for artwork, short films, screenplays, you name it, and I often have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time, but every now and then an idea sticks...and won't go away.
Haunting, I guess.
That's how this Jenny project is for me right now. I originally came up with the idea just before Hurricane Katrina hit, and it sort of gelled in my mind while on evacuation...not surprising that the story involves a lot of water...
Jenny Greenteeth is a witch, a folktale of Central European origin, a water nymph living in the muddy beds of lakes and rivers, feeding on the unwary and responsible for the drowning of countless children, or so they say. Some think that her tale is an allegory, possibly a caution against duckweed, a type of seaweed which can entangle and drag you under, a campfire story to scare the kids, and keep them away from the water's edge.
My version of the tale is inspired by Asian horror, Juon the Grudge and some others, a short film about a doomed little girl who unfortunately has the pleasure of meeting Jenny face-to-face.
I accept the challenge of making silly little clay people scary and intense, though this is my first stop-motion animation project, my first one that has a beginning, middle, and end, anyway. There are a lot of kinks to work out. I haven't figured out yet how I plan to animate the water, for example, but I have started on sets and storyboards, which I will post soon enough.

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