2-D Jenny

I had to vent some creative energy yesterday (stop-motion is a slow process and I'm used to working fast!) so I put the 3-D stuff aside for a mo and cranked out a 2-D piece. Featuring Jenny of course. Originally I was going to do a backdrop, but it didn't work out that way :P Once I started painting the brush kind of took over, which is how I usually work. I very rarely do thumbnails or sketches, I try to paint more intuitively, so I never really know how a piece is going to look until it is finished. This Jenny is about 2ft by 4ft, plywood with acrylic paint and pastels. I did a lot of surface scratching afterwards with my clay sculpting tools, gave it a nice subtle weathered look I think.


Ale said...

That's totally awesome man!
You really got talent!

Darkstrider said...

Ale said it all!