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...making very nice progress on the new short short, the set is finished, the puppet is 95% done, and storyboards are in the can...I'm really dying to share it now, but I must wait...I'm taking lots of pics, and recording progress, etc., so expect a large post when its all said and done...In the meantime, check out a few of my partners-in-crime...we've got a nicely developing community of stop-motion bloggers going on here, a support system that rocks...Mike & his puppet Buster, live from Belleville, Illinois (check out the masters section--unbelievable stuff)...Sven (aka Safety Guy :) & Percy-puppet in Portland, Oregon...Ale & Guy (these puppets can strut!) bringing stop-motion to the continent of South America...


Ale said...

The community rocks!!! :P
We should have a name or something!
Anyway,I'm answering the mails just in a sec, and I've just added your blog to my links section, so let me know if the logo is OK
BTW, what does 'these puppets can strut' mean?

Ale StopMotion

Ubatuber said...

...'strut' is like a walk with attitude...all of your walking tests are great...i haven't even tried tie-downs yet :P...

Ale said...

You should see my first attempt with my self-invented method of tie-downs :S

Ale StopMotion