...and here is New Latex Jenny, fresh from her little plaster coffin...


sven said...

Hey Jeffrey --

I'm impressed! Jenny is looking mighty fine. :-D

Question: Are you using foam latex, a solid block liquid latex that's been baked, or just a skin of liquid latex?


Ubatuber said...

No, no foam latex yet, I haven't been brave enough to try it out...my wife is actually about to start experimenting with polymer clay (she makes jewelry) and we are going to buy an inexpensive oven for outdoors, so I'll probably start experimenting then. The arms were painted in with liquid latex rubber, which took way to long, and ultimately made the arms very dense (and caused armature problems). The head and body were poured in (first couple of layers were slushed, then I filled the mold) using a different brand of latex which was more flexible/porous. I made the pour holes in her head/torso a little deep because for her underwater/floaty shots, I plan on mounting her from these holes to a greenscreen'd piece of plywood.