A Little Sketchbook Tour

One week to go until the StopMoShorts deadline, and things are still progressing nicely..I have begun to set up a separate blog to post the new short, along with my rants about its creation, so as not to clutter Jenny...I have a few more scenes to film, but I've been editing as I go, so I won't have to deal with a massive sit-down when I'm finished shooting :D...Until then, I thought I'd give a glimpse into my sketchbook, featuring:
--a couple of Jenny portraits, one in charcoal--
--an updated design for the little girl puppet...note that she has legs (under the coat, anyways)...and a highly exaggerated scarf...my thinking behind the scarf is, she is pretty constricted, no arm movement, no visible mouth, so when Jenny tugs the scarf off through the pier, and the girl runs scared, the audience gets a bit more of an emotional wallop, because she is no longer restrained by the scarf, and can be more emotive, with the screaming, and the flailing of limbs--
--a storyboard for said scarf tugging--
--a robot.........yep...a robot......how does a robot fit into the story?...just a bit in the beginning...I feel its my duty as an animator to have a robot thrown in there somewhere--
--a new sketch of the pier, inspired by a recent watching of The Birds...will allow for much more drama to ensue, 'cause, look......ladders!....(yeahyeah, I know...more puppet headaches)--


Darkstrider said...

Ah, ladders need not be headaches!

You can design your scene so you never actually see a puppet climbing it. A possible scenario:

Little girl runs from Jenny up to the ladder. She puts her hands on the uprights, lifts a foot onto the first rung, and looksa back over her shoulder at the approaching apparition. Cu to her POV, with Jenny looming nearer. Then cut to cluse-up of the girls' head as she whips it back around in terror and we see her arms pistoning up and down and the ladder sliding downward beyond her. What the audience doesn't know is that it's a trick shot.... the puppet is actually tied down on the tabletop and the background is being lowered incrementally frame by frame.

Then cut back to Jenny... maybe a cluose-up or mid shot. She could be angrily waving her arms and lokking up... and up... and up, giving the impression she's watching the girl ascend. Then we could cut to the view from the top, as the girl's head and shoulders come up and she climbs up and goes running away.

When I imagine trick effects like this I try to think about how Starevitch would handle it.

Ale said...

Good luck on StopMoShorts festival....I officially quit!
I got no time to finish my short, and I prefer not to rush, and make it a little better instead.

See ya!

Ubatuber said...

Strider--what i want to do with the ladder WILL be a headache :)...i don't just want her to climg the ladder...i want her to hang from it, and in some cool and creative way that i havent figured out yet, i want her somehow tangled...maybe one end of her scarf snagged on the lower pier, then jenny grabs the other end through the underneath of the upper pier, like a fly caught in a spiders web...she ultimately will escape here and go off running, but i really want to use all of the potential of the ladders and pier...its going to be a big set when i'm done :D...gotta rework those early storyboards...
Ale--sorry you and sven wont be taking part in stopmoshorts this time around, maybe at the next event...i could definitely make improvements to my short (then again, i think i'll always be able to say that :)...but most of my difficulties right now come from three main technical issues--bad lighting (flicker)--bad camera setup (push-button digicam again, no remote, lots of camera movement)--AND no framegrabber...so its safe to say that this new short wont be great, but that doesnt bother me..its all practice for Jenny :P

sven said...

Right on, brother! There's always something to improve -- but better to get something out in public than to hide your work until it's "perfect".

darkstrider said...

I agree with Sven and Uba! SMS is about getting something done and pushing yourself to finish it to a deadline. It doesn't matter if it's great, what matters is that you finished something and made it all the way through the process of creating and editing a stopmo film.

Sven, sorry to hear you've dropped out too (or did I imagine that?). I've dropped out of a few already, and wish i had stuck it out. It's incredible to see how fast the time goes by... one day i realized it's bee a freakin' **YEAR** since i made a film! My last one was Terror in the Pumpkin Patch, my only (so far) SMS entry! So take the lesson.... wanting to work a little longer on a film is a trap, and it will stretch out into eternity. The **ONLY** way to get a film done is to go into a production schedule and stick to it.... finish it by a self-imposed or SMS imposed deadline, and the quality will keep improving. The quality of something you never finish doesn't matter! But I'll stop preaching and get back to my desperate attempt to finish my own entry. Heh... it helps to have a puppet and set already made!

And Uba, sounds cool with the ladder thing! Very much like silent movie capers! Looking forward to your solution.