Red Stick

...a couple more days til the StopMoShorts deadline, and I still have the final scene to shoot...lets hope for an absence of technical difficulties...other than the ones I'm already having, like flicker and camera movement :P (gotta get working on a more pro set-up, but $ is tight right now)...I've been reading up on the Red Stick Animation Festival and grow more excited day by day...it should be a fantastic opportunity to advertise my blog (maybe I should make a T-shirt), and even do a some promotion for Phil Dale and Fund My Short.Com...I will write up a full report of the festival here at the end of April, so stay tuned.....in the meantime, here's a great article forwarded to me by a good friend and future Pixar employee m1kr0, who will be volunteering at the festival..."Not Your Grandpa's Louisiana: The Rise and Flight of the Creative Class"....interesting note: the writer mentions that Red Stick was originally inspired by the Animex International Animation Festival in the UK....

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