Live Action Water/Greenscreen Test

Watch the video
....WOO_HOO! Finally a new Jenny post, seems like I've been away for ages...I still have plenty of updating to do on my Pandora blog, am working on a commissioned drawing, and editing a wedding video, but I decided to take a day to capture some live-action lake footage from Lake Pontchartrain, near my home...it was windier than I expected, so the surface of the lake was a lot rougher than I would want for the finished product, but all-in-all I like the look of the test footage...It is going to need a little something extra though, to help the two worlds blend a little better, the live-action and the stop-motion...the clip in here of Jenny rising just below the surface is actually going to be one of the few shots of Jenny underwater that will be in the finished film, but it will be a bit more complex (I want to be able to see the pier and the little girl in frame, a more overhead angle)...going out to the lake was nice, got me thinking more about Katrina and her backlash...the water was so brown...the city has had a "Save Our Lake" campaign going since '89, to clean up the water and make it swimmable like in days of yore, and it was actually beginning to look blue again...anyway, I think I may devote some time to a blog of my experiences through the storm, since I find most of my creative thoughts these days are touched by those months...the more I examine the Jenny story, the more I notice the subtlety of Katrina's tendrils...a child lost in new surroundings, an unstoppable evil with a spinning eye, the murky depths of a black lake...seems worth discussing...

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