Dadaist Wax Test

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...been a long, long week for me, stress galore, and to boot I got nothing done on the Jenny project for the first time since I began in December...but its bound to happen now and again unfortunately, as the big iron fist of life comes crashing down periodically...On the up-side, I spoke to someone at RueMorgue, trying to get some freelance work, which they don't need right now (a nice way of telling me to "Shove off"), but the art director did visit my blog, and seemed very interested, mentioned plugging the film in their 'Roadkill' section...asked me to drop him a line when the project is done (woo-hoo!..........2 years later....)

Anyway, been wanting to experiment with wax for awhile, ever since reading an article by Marc Spess over at Animateclay.com...I have never cast or sculpted in wax, just another material to experiment with :P...this here is basic candle wax, not ideal but its what I've got, so....here's my little Dadaist test clip....melting faces and pamcakes, two great tastes that taste great together!  Enjoy....


Darkstrider said...

Very nice! I can see great possibilities for this.... the heat gun becomes like a magic wand creating effects at the touch of the trigger. Also a good way to bring an extra magic to your films by combining "live action" effects with the different magic of stopmo ala Svankmajer.

Anonymous said...

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