Jenny II Early Sculpt

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...here's today's progress, took Mike's advice and cut the blocks down a bit, which was a great suggestion (as usual)...about 3 hours work here, at least 1.5 of which were spent on the pelvis which has given me some trouble...difficult to sculpt in 3-D, with the way it sort of curves forward...at one point it looked like mickey mouse :P...plus having some issues in general with how to make her fleshy but still skeletal, bony but still feminine...its definitely getting there though....really like the side view, tho I actually only worked on it full frontal (other than slapping some clay onto the back to cover up), the side just kind of came together naturally which is nice...used a latex skin of Jenny I's torso for reference too, theres a pic below of II wearing it like a shirt...had my copy of "Cyclopedia Anatomicae" open while I sculpted, an awesome resource to have, a must for all us artists...covers everything from humans to horses, skin, muscles, and skeletons...funny little side note, the sculpt started this whole strange conversation with my wife about the mating habits of undead water people, and fish in general, which ended with her proclaiming, "....Fish monsters need love, too!..."
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herself said...

You dawg!! I KNEW you couldn't keep your hands off her. I knew you'd work even more on Jenny after your last post.

Fantastic progress, Jeffery, it's looking really great! Like you said, boney yet fleshy, dead yet feminine, always a hard one to manage. :-P Rock it.

(And Mrs. Tuber sounds adorable.)

Ubatuber said...

...yes, she is....my muse, my audience, my support system, even when theres clay, plaster, and paint on everything including every piece of clothing I own....and she never complains....I am a very lucky man...