Meet Two New Additions...

...to the Puppet Nursery...
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These two are for yet another film on my slate :P was going to be my June StopMoShorts entry but that is SO not going to happen, mostly because I had a dream the other night...Two visuals stuck with me on waking from the dream, images/scenes that I want to incorporate into the film which involve me rotating the set, etc., and will involve more work than I can complete in 3 weeks, and some re-thinking of script elements...so I'm thinking maybe a StopMoShorts Matinee feature?
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I really like these two, my wife says he looks like Conan O'Brien :) and she looks a bit like a mini-Jenny in the face...basic wire armatures, painted with latex, with some upholstry foam buildup in his chest belly & butt and her ribcage...sculpey heads and hands...he has replacement eyes right now, but they are so tiny as to be migraine-inducing, so I'm re-thinking that...may just give him permanent eyes and make some animatable eyebrows to do the expressions...going to redo his hands also...his pink sweater is bothersome from an aesthetic pov, the color just doesn't go well, but again I'm going black and white so I wasn't too concerned...and I SEWED...made his little pants....the shirt and jacket are action figure cast-offs, and her clothing is kind of just glued onto her in bits from an old shirt of my wife's...painted her to look like a skeleton under the clothing, went with a see-through material so that when the lighting is right you should be able to see some of her bones under there...all gross under there....all night of the living dead under there....sorry, Lydia flashback...hey, maybe that'll be her name :)
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This film in 15 words or less...man inherits house, finds strange painting, awakens zombie woman accidentally, and is taken into darkness...I actually stretched a mini-canvas last night, was a lot of fun...have some great ideas that should be very cool if they pan out....example...the landscape in the painting won't be painted until I complete the woodsy set (trees that I can re-use for Jenny) and film the woodsy set...then I can take a frame from the finished scene to paint the painting, so basically he stumbles onto the painting, then later happens upon this particular area of landscape in 'real life'...will be sort of chilling...this is all from a screenplay that I have been fiddling with on and off for the past two years or so, my ultimate indie horror movie...the stop-mo clip will probably end up being in my pitch material whenever I get to that (I'm talking years here, maybe a decade before I'm ready to go there)...
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Watch for a couple of test clips later tonight/tomorrow, where I try my hand at a zombie walk!

(for some reason Blogger is giving me pic-upload issues, so I have to continue to use photobucket for the time being, hopefully with smaller pics that won't fudge the template like the previous ones)


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