A Spot of Poetry

...ok folks, you want to talk poetry, lets go! I can hold my own ;) This is fairly old, nearly a decade, but remains one of my favorites....wrote it in my early angsty college days...

Lie awake in the dark here asleep,
Your cold body pressed against mine your nails in my back whispers of hair trail my skin like swans,
Lie awake thinking clear thoughts about all the secrets you keep,
Shadows that pool when tumbleweeds roll to announce future crimes,
Like bugles blown in synch,
In time.

Victorian rage like the Ripper.
Something tapped,
Raspberry stains on the wall silhouettes in red velvet cascade.
And all this time I lie here dreaming
Trying to assign some meaning
Violence here amongst the scheming.
I often find that I am scratching at the walls beneath the floors, scrawling tomes about myself in a language even I can't understand, my body torn in some sick performance art,
Me scratching,
Voyeurs viewing,
All glass cases and track lighting.

In a dream I see swingsets.
Straight line horizon.
Long poles hollow steel all rubber and chain like some buried machine.
You are swinging.
The chain squeaks as you arc back as our eyes meet I see myself through you.

I am a ringmaster.
I crack the whip with a smile.


herself said...

Very nice, glad you posted.

Ubatuber said...

Thanks...pretty dark, like most of my stuff...have been reading a book of essays and a biography of Lovecraft and something that sort of surprises me all the time, with any dark artist, is that people feel the need to say things like "On getting to know him he was exceptionally warm, kind, and graceful"...well why shouldn't he be? There's this assumption that because a person writes dark and disturbing material, they are themselves disturbed in some way....mental....but I guess we are all judged by the impression we give of ourselves based on our work...just something that always bothers me...I got the impression a lot at Tulane that people who weren't familiar with me would avoid me based on my work...and I think sometimes that that's exactly why I do the work that I do, to attempt to force people to think about these kinds of snap-judgements...