Nola 2 short short

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...here's what Ive been up to for the last two weeks...this started out as a campfire test clip and turned into a sort of short film, with a little nod to Paul Berry's 'The Sandman'....I've got a lot to blog about with this one, so stay tuned......really....


Ale said...

WOW! That was aweseome!
I like the feel of it, and also the camera work.
I fell in love with 'The Sandman', and now seeing a little tribute (shall I say?) is great fun.

I love how Nola plays with her scarf showing how terrified she was. Also that part where we only get to see the face, and you don't know (for a second) what the hell happened in the darkness.

Congrats man! I luuuuv it!

Darkstrider said...

Oh man! I've really been missing your bloggage, but I must say, this was entirely worth the wait!!!

The sense of atmosphere is just uncanny! The flickering firelight is perfect, as is the lightning, the CG fire/smoke is (almost) perfect (bugs me a bit that) - though the slowly creeping fire was a bit threatening... it seemed about to devour her leg or something. And your sense of storytelling is just excellent. Though I must say on the first viewing, I was a bit confused about what happened and just who came strolling out. For a moment I thought zombie-Nola had stolen living-Nola's coat and scarf! Then I watched again (handy of you to post it as a repeating clip!) and realized the truth. Ok, maybe I'm just a little slow!

Bravo my friend, BRAVO!!!

Michael Granberry said...

Oh man...I am becoming an Uber-fan as I type this. GREAT work, Jeff! From your set and character designs to the absolute economy of your shots...You really capture the inherent creepiness of the bayou at night! Love it! :)

Ubatuber said...

Thanks, peoples! Gonna blog about it in a bit, but for now....

RE Nola playing with the scarf--something I've watched my wife do...we have this big knit blanket with a ribbon edge, and she constantly runs the ribbon between her fingers...

RE campfire...yeah, it bothers me a little too, but I didn't do too much to customize the look of it...its a little, whats the word...bland? non-descript? boring?...

And Michael...the bayou is inherently creepy at all times of the day, its just easier to film at night :)

herself said...

Jeffery, It is an honor knowing you and hating you.

You are such a great filmmaker/storyteller/artist. I loved the clip even though I couldn't tell who came out first after three viewings. (I didn't see Sandman unless that was the one Mike posted with Balance few months back and if that's the one, then I don't get the connection. Doesn't matter--loved this.)

Your timing, music and puppets are killer good and you have a long career ahead of you, even if just making great films for yourself!

The CG fire and smoke are good just looking too smooth compared to the fab rough textures of the 3D landscape and puppets. If, on your next campfire test, would play/experiment with paper or cellophane flame shapes on top of or underneath the CG animation you created, then I think you'd be happier with the effect and how it would blend in better.

herself said...

Oh I get it, the zombie took Nola's eyes and soul?

I too especially loved the nervous scarf thumbing, so human and natural.

Also the dry wit of having a "bait shop" in the background is patently Ubbie hilarity.

Ubatuber said...

Yeah, its actually sort of my 'Nola 1.5 vs Nola 2'...I thought it might be a little confusing :)...overall I think timing will be my greatest hurdle...
That's a great idea, about the fire...I'd considered plastic wrap OR digital, but I hadn't thought of combining the two...I think its a winner...

sven said...


Congratulations, Jeffrey. That kicked some serious ass. Excellent editing. Excellent flickering fire light. Great set. Great sound effects.

And being a hanger-on, I was extremely amused by the Nola-1 vs. Nola-2 concept. I got it; repeated viewings just added more detail to enjoy.

I like the subtle expression changes on Nola-2, too.

I can live with the CG fire. If there's a nit to pick (and there needn't be, really), for me it's that the fire doesn't seem to stay in its bed when the camera revolves around it.


Any chance of making this available as a QuickTime? It would be awful nice to put a copy of this on my desktop, where I could rewatch it ad nauseum on impulse.

Ubatuber said...

Thanks! I like the subtle expressions too, made easily possible by Soft as Hell clay, and sponsored by Evil Puppets Love Fingerprints :P
Whole new range of emotions possible, whole new set of headaches...

A quicktime version is totally doable, I'll get on that. Then I can put it up at SMS...

mefull said...

Whoooh buddy

Great job on the clip, excellent dramatic lighting and sound. I love the flashes of lightning that reveal Nola 1.5
I couldn't get the clip to play all the way through - Damm that windows media player, I second the motion for Quicktime.

The nervous scarf messing is a nice bit of business that really indicates Nola’s state of mind - well done!

I didn't mind the CGI fire too much except during the camera move.

I was wondering what happened to you - worth the wait indeed!

Ubatuber said...

Thanks mefull, QT posted!

Ryan said...

Hey Jeffrey, I cannot find a working email address on your page. So I am contacting you via this route. Here is my email address.


The gist of what I what I want ot say is: I like your work, I am happy to find out that someone is working (hard) in New Orleans on stop-motion films. I am producing a film right now (The Killer Colossal Squid) that has a scene that would suit your skills. It is a Harryhausen-esque ode to monster movies of the 1950's. It is a short scene featuring a Cyclops... he yells a whole lot. Besides someone flicking a cigar into the giant cyclops huge eye (live action) the monster just basically tries to look scary.

Write me back if you are interested. I don't know quite what it would entail. I do some of the same things that you do, but this film is going to spread me thin. I just plain would like to meet you, get your opinions, and if you want to help... that would be FANTASTIC.

The film is going to be very cool, I am only interested in producing the most professional product that I can. For the film we will be using lots of models and techniques in filming that I'm sure would be of interest to you. Here are a few direct links on my site that might be of interest to you.








Write back, I would love to here from you. -Ryan