"Widow" - Campfire/Lighting Test Clip

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I didn't get any work done on the book prop today, but I did shoot a little campfire test clip to see how the cgi/3-D integrated idea pans out...lighting will need to be rearranged, my first attempt here isn't so great....more red on Pepper definitely, and a dimmer bulb in the main foreground light, which completely drowns out the red here....I included the integrated clip and the un-cgi'd clip so you could see the animated flames...thoughts? suggestions?


herself said...

I told you! That looks awesome! You could even make the cgi less prominent and it may even look better, you know, unnoticed per se but still more real than stop mo flames alone.

What did you use, little dry clay pieces or rubbery? Have you considered a red bulb up through the bottom of the set, emitting light like a campfire would?

yay you.

Ubatuber said...

I would love to try the red bulb thing but I just don't have the time to rig the floor of the set...I actually have a post about the making-of the campfire, down below, just before my portfolio post....I thought maybe it had gone unnoticed 'cause I had a couple of posts that day :)