"Widow" - Page Aging

Today when I got home from the workplace I took the morning's leftover pot o'coffee and haphazardly dunked about ten of the tomes pages into it....I wasn't fully prepared for the way the wetness reactivated the gluestick, the tissue paper became slimy so I 'posed' the pages apart and took a blow dryer to it...the silver of the page shown through at first, not too pleasing, but as it dried it darkened nicely, almost has a glow now....one or two of the pages are ruined but I intentionally created more than I need...used a lighter on some pages, sparingly after setting a small fire which claimed another page :) Next came the brown paint pens and some inside sketching...at first I thought these would just be test pages, the 'flip-by' pages in the short, but after seeing them in action in the clip posted below, I think they are detailed enough...I was going to have fine linework going on but I think that would just end up unreadable on camera...Here's some eye candy...

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herself said...

"sparingly after setting a small fire which claimed another page :)"

That was a hilariously told story.

The sketches look great, the cover, everything!