"Widow" - Tiny Tome Test

Watch the video

Here's a little test clip I shot after working on aging and detailing the book's innards a bit....a more detailed post about the aging is coming soon....


Darkstrider said...

Wow, you work fast! But then, I knew that.

Nice little test. Ready for some critique? Offered only in the interest of making it even better for the film, of course.

What I'd like to see is the pages flexing more rather than lifting like they're made of plywood. When I think oif a book opening in the wind, which is what this looks like (though I realize it's doubtless not any PHYSICAL wind....) I want to see each page sort of roll open, maybe starting slowly and then getting faster.

But that's just animation geek stuff.... nitpicking really.

Man, I can't wait till I get some of my puppets done so I can do some animation tests!

herself said...

woo. skeeerrry. great music too.