Sequoia the Tree God...Monster....Take 1

Here's tonight's progress, about 1 1/2 hours, lots of staring and pondering...I had to be careful, he was starting to go elder god-y on me....(little more with the tentacles, less of a face at the top, more cone shaped and viola! Ready for his close-up in Let Sleeping Gods Lie :::)
I'm liking him more, obviously, as the details build up...he'll have real twig attachments for the beard/teeth/hair, which I will press into the clay of the final sculpt, so when he's cast the pieces will fit right in (probably have pegs into the foam, or just supported with some rubber latex if that works ok, or both....maybe epoxy glue?....all assuming I get a successful foamy puppet that is...yikes....fingers and toes crossed on that one....)


herself said...

Very very nice! Me likey.

Darkstrider said...

You are the Treemaster!