Slappin' Clay

First, introductions......Johnny Appleseed, meet Jenny Applehead ;;;) It was staying a bit moisty potentially moldy so I put it in the toaster oven...of course I forgot it was in there and it started to burn :) smelled great actually but got a little crispy.....nice and dry now though....still feels spongy and wet inside, squishy, may shrink a bit more....
I slapped some clay this morning too. Refined tree monster's armature even more, shortened the arms a little, and chopped off the two upper smaller root-legs....trying to remember to keep it simple, this guys all about foam-testiness....I have faith in the fact that I can make his bottom rooty and scary without the extra armatured legs, just with the sculpt itself and the paintjob...I'm going to need to add a tie-down rectally (my first!) before I cast....I wrapped the armature in florist tape and slapped the first layer of clay on....he doesn't look like much now, does he?
Gonna give him a knot/hole where the bellybutton would be, make him a little heftier around the middle and bottom...the teeth will be carved wood bits that I add after casting...I'm thinking I can also add floral-wrapped-wire-strands for viney rooty draggy 'legs' after the cast is done, like I did with Jenny 1's hair way back when...maybe even a couple of vines coming out of the back of his shoulders, for grabbing tiny mortals and lumberjacks....which by the way will be pure clay, about 2-3" tall, slightly less than half Sequoia's size...really all I need them to be able to do is run.......


Ale said...

OH boy you're a bloggin machine!
Can't keep up!

Sorry for the lack of comments, but everything you've been doing looks awesome! I really really digged the sms short you released some time ago. You're an amazing storyteller.

Congrats dude!
Bring the Tree of the Damned to life!!! BwAHaHAaAHA

mefull said...

Jenny Applehead looks soo right!
It's kind of weird how well if fits.

Tree monster is great, does not remind me of tree beard.
I guess all that tree making is influencing your monsters.