Tree Monster, from the rear

Hey folks! Sorry about the delays here, especially considering Monster Month is almost over, and I didn't contribute nearly as much as I'd have liked too, not compared to Sven Bonnichsen's incredible Bestiary over at the Scarlet Letters....he's definitely set the bar for next year ;)

I'm recovered from my overnights, well rested and rarin' to go :::D One last delivery on Monday and I've got my foam latex testing supplies all set....GM kit and primer, prosaide, oven, mixer, ultracal, burlap, gloves, cups, scale, clear coat, cornstarch, white clay....and after today's progress on the Tree Beast, I'm one step closer to molding....should happen this week people ::;) Here's a couple of pics of the backside....

**for some reason I'm having Blogger-pic-upload issues, so the images are coming to you via Hello!**

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sven said...

Thanks for the shout out, man!

I've said it before: Monster Month is a kickass idea that deserves to catch on. :-D

Lookin' forward to next year...