Tree Monster

I expected to have more sketches to choose from, but I kept going back to the tree monster with no body, to the point where I had started to make up behaviors and imagine scenes, so now I think its inevitable....Tree Monster (a better name will come to me while I'm sculpting) will be my first foam latex puppet....he will be sculpted, molded, and hopefully successfully cast....and if you run into him on the outskirts of town, be careful....he remembers that ficus you forgot to water....I see him surrounded by a field of what at first appears to be stumps of trees, but turns out to be people....chopped down....planted & eaten? nature's revenge, an unavoidable theme :)
I did a rough sketch of the body, enough for me to build the under-armature for the sculpt, but leaving me enough freedom to improvise a bit during sculpting, which should take up the next week or so...I'm trying to resist the similarities to Treebeard but I think its inevitable as far as design goes...I'll definitely be posting progress and taking suggestions....I want the mouth to open and close for eating, never attempted that with an armature before, maybe not a good idea to try it out with such a huge mouth, or when I'm testing foam, but its too late now....the seed has been planted :)


Grant said...

I love the tree monster. 8-)
P.S. Just watched Widow as well and really enjoyed it...perfect for Halloween viewing.

Darkstrider said...

Yeah... yeah. The Tree Monster is growing on me.....

Nyuk nyuk!

Ubatuber said...

lol, Mike 8D

And Grant!! Thanks....I was beginnig to worry about you, been awhile since you posted on your blog ;)

herself said...

His objects were at rest.

Love the Tree Monster!