It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

Close-ups as ordered :) Thanks to everyone for the kudos and comments and encouragement....I've added a layer of green (too much I think), and a little dark blue in the shadowy areas, and now I think I want to go over the whole thing with an even lighter grey in some places.....still need to figure in and figure out vines and teeth (or maybe not?) and tiny men but I might do some animation tests later today anyway...I made some little makeshift armature-wire man-legs to give you all a sense of scale.....


EDIT: my first test clip is done and posted at vimeo, I'm going to try to embed it later but for now here's the link :D http://www.vimeo.com/clip:118313

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herself said...

Lovin' most of the moss, especially the lightest green on the face. I could see why you want to knock down some of the rest of it a bit. Which side is his North I wonder.

It's a great monster, Jeffery. And I love seeing how posable he is!