Tree Monster, back-rooty

I started fleshing out the back-roots a bit, I'd say I've got a solid two hours of work left, scheduled for Friday afternoon :) Posted by Picasa


sven said...

Heh. I just clued in that you've been photographing Woody in front of the painting. Nice touch!

herself said...

Great job, J. I like that you posted what step you took and noted when the next bit was scheduled. Way to blog!

mefull said...

looking good Jeffery, I like all the texture you are putting into the sculpt.

herself said...

Finished sculpt, finished sculpt!

Darkstrider said...


What's up? Where ya at buddy?

uh-oh! This might be my fault! After some initial discussion I thought Jeff would enjoy Paglia's Sexual Personae as much as I did, so I sent him a copyy. I'm afraid it's swallowed him up! We might not hear from him for a few hundred pages!

Ubatuber said...

I'm here, I'm here :D

Love you guys :)

And yeah, I've been reading some Paglia, I'll be blogging about that soon, and I've been working a lot, we're on holiday hours already so we open earlier and close later, which doesn't seem so bad on paper but its actually pretty draining...not to mention daylight savings, it gets dark at like 5 oclock now....makes me sleepy....maybe I need to jump on the superNOVa train and force motivation :)

*finished sculpt coming now
*lighting tests coming later
*mold made on Thurs, weather permitting