Tree Monster Molded, the long version Part 1

When I decided I was happy with the sculpt, just after doing the lighting tests, I removed the twiggy bits, and put the Tree Monster in the fridge for a few hours....I measured the toaster oven again, and discovered that my original measurements were off, I hadn't considered that the back of the oven is curved, and I had measured its widest depth....which meant I had to take about an inch off of the imagined mold, which is how I ended up with such a small amount of space around the sculpt's edges...once I had the measurements down, I drew a box on a plank of wood to represent the maximum dimensions of the mold, so I wouldn't make it too large for the oven....then I got to work on the clay wall...I untie-downed the beast, laid him on his back, replaced the tie-down screws (6-32) to register the armature in the mold, and started building up the white clay, water-based stuff that is pleasantly soft and squishy and cold....very nice...I built it up about halfway, trying to go with the flow of the sculpt....the seams will sort of follow the shape of the roots, for example, and not just cut straight across the top of the 'foot'...after I cleaned up the water clay a bit, pressing it between 'fingers' and whatnot, I smoothed it out and added two small keys to register the mold....I sprayed the whole thing down with a nice layer of clearcoat, then I mixed up my first batch of Utracal, to about the consistency of pea soup...I used a soft brush to drizzle the mixture over the sculpt, lightly brushing in places to make sure the crevices were being filled...I continually drop-tapped the wood plank to make air bubbles rise...as the surface began to set, I would drizzle another layer, gradually thicker as the ultracal in the bowl began to harden....more coming soon :)


sven said...

Yeaaaaaaaahhhh! Details -- juicy, gooey, sweet, delectable details!

Thank you!

herself said...

Schweet! I love moldmaking almost most of all. More more.