Tree Monster Molded, the long version Part 2

As the first layers set up, I mixed another small soupy batch, drenched a piece of burlap with it, then spread the shloopy burlap on top of the developing mold....this will help give the mold added strength, which it needs....plus I'm a butterfingers, should I drop it and it break, the burlap layer will sort of help keep it intact or at least partially fixable....I drizzled more ultracal on top of the burlap layer, making sure to press it down and smooth it out enough to eliminate airbubbles...when this layer started to set, I mixed up an ultrathick soft-clay-like wad of ultracal to create the 'super layer'....then I evened up the sides, smoothed the top a bit, and let it sit...so far I've liked this method of buildup, though I had a little trouble building up a flat surface on top of the mold...Nick H molds his puppets in a standing position, which I'd like to try...I have to say, though, that I think I prefer working within a box, which would've been built around the sculpt after the water clay wall, using wood or bricks or cinder blocks...makes it much easier to build up the sides of the top of the mold, create an even flat surface across the top instead of a curved surface, which is what I have.....it sits flat, doesn't rock, so it isnt a problem, just doesn't look as nice and probably isn't as strong....ok, first side is done, let it set about 2 hours (occasionally and gleefully feeling the heat emanating from it as it set up, like an oven baking holiday cookies :)....once hard, I peeled the whole thing off of the wood plank, flipped it over, and began to carefully remove the water clay wall to reveal the back half of the sculpt, which I noticed was a bit flattened from laying down...after removing the water clay, I cleaned the residue off of the mold and sculpt using a soft brush and a little water, and then resculpted and touched up the back of the Tree Beast....still more to come :)
......and...hey.............pssssssssst.......come 'ere......got a secret..........Thursday, this thursday, should be my first day of foam latex trials and tribulations :D :o 8O


herself said...

Great recap, Jeffery! You're cookin'

Darkstrider said...

Well done young Jeffrey-san!

On thursday, use the big bowl, or prepare for little dots of foam latex all over everything!