Don Hellboy

I mention from time-to-time that I have aspirations of working in film, making monsters, designing, creating, and ultimately directing. Sometimes I feel like it will never happen, that I have so much to learn and I'm running out of time, or that I keep missing out on my 'big break'. And there's general life stress at play too, the family dream, the pitter-patter of little feet. How long do I hold out for one dream or the other? My one and only experience creating art for a Hollywood film left me feeling used and abused. I want to create for film, I want to afford a family, and I want artistic integrity.
Which is where I segue into Guillermo Del Toro. His knowledge, love, and passion for art, and the way he treats the artists on his films, is inspiring. If I could choose a mentor, it'd be him. Just looking at the list of films he is attached to right now makes me wet my pants....Lovecrafts 'Mountains of Madness', Roald Dahls 'Witches', 'Tarzan'....Hellboy 2 is officially in production, and in an interview, GDT mentions a likeness to the Godfather, which, naturally had to be visualized :) I did this little piece for webmaster Parker over at DelToroFilms.Com, you can see it there on the main page.

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