Water Test - Paint on Plexi

Water Test - Paint on Plexi on Vimeo

I had a piece of plexiglass laying around and decided to try out green oil paint on plexi, lit from underneath. I even rigged Jenny under the 'surface', hoping to animate her a bit, but the paint, mixed with some vaseline, was a little too viscous and opaque to really show anything (until I wiped away the paint at the end)....I think glass will work much better, the plexi was cloudy to begin with....In this here clip, I've put the unedited raw footage, then the fx'd footage (slowed it down, looped part, added a zoom, sound fx, some color adjust and a glow), and last I've added a tiny clip of how I plan to capture the sound of Jenny's hiss...Enjoy!


Michael Granberry said...

Love these water effects you're creating, Jeff! Hope I get to use them someday...looks like fun!

jriggity said...

cool stuff !

....Your sharing some great information with all us new people to stop mo.

I really appreciate it.


Darkstrider said...

Oh yeah! Super-cool! I love that it doesn't look totally realistic, it has the right stylization for the film.

Ubatuber said...

Thanks Mike and Justin....I don't think I've nailed the look I want just yet, so keep watching....Other Mike, I was surprised at how painterly it turned out after the glow and saturation, I think my water effects may have brushstrokes....perfect!

herself said...

Hee hee, great behind the scenes stuff! And I LOVE this effect for the water too, as was said, it's a perfect artful stylization for the Jenny film.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

This is exciting!

I find myself wondering, though: Are you set on doing the water surface without digital intervention?

When I think about the water in the Jenny film, I guess I keep imagining it crystal clear -- so you can see right down to the bottom Where That Bad Lady Lurks... [Ooh! That's gotta be the title for your film's theme song!]

Suppose you didn't build a surface to the water; you just continued the set from where the land ends down to the river/lake bottom. You film Jenny seeing NOLA without there being an awkward barrier to work around during the shoot.

Then in post you create and composite two video layers. One layer is the film you shot, but digitally undulating. [I know how to do this easily in AfterEffects... There's gotta be something similar in Vegas, right?] The second layer is the regular, non-undulating film -- but with all the water areas matted out.

Composite them together, and we see the land being good ol' terra firma -- but eveything underwater is moving and distorted. YET, you can still see clearly down to the bottom.


Ubatuber said...

Actually that was the original plan, Svengali....the whole set will be modular so it can fit together into one BIG set, with the underwater elements actually set up right on the floor....everything will have to be rigged underwater so i don't have to worry about tie-downs, plus with the set pieces on the floor, I can build a camera track path, probably using train tracks? More on that later....I do want a shot like you describe, something 'epic', us seeing jenny seeing Nola while Nola is clueless on the pier, but itll be more of an artistic thing, like my version of a splitscreen almost...itll be my DePalma shot :) I dont know, I havent exactly figured out how its going to look yet, but similar to what you describe above...the rest of the time though, the lake won't be transparent, it'll be black....and murky...and yep, Vegas has a wavy effect...

Where dat bad lady lurks,
Dere aint no perks,
'Cept she gets to eat jerks
When dey mess her sleep quirks.
:) yo

herself said...

Jeffery, how are recording your great sound effects? Are you on a PC or a Mac? What editing software are you using again? Thank you.