Small Steps with Jenny

Instead of waiting for my day off to get crackin' (again) on the Jenny sculpt, I took a small step and started working on the shape of the left hand before work this morning.....didn't get much done but its got me revved and ready to return.....


gl. said...

excellent, jeffrey!

jriggity said...


is that clay or latex?


herself said...

Yeah, Baybee!

Ubatuber said...

Thanks gl n Shel....Justin, shes clay right now but will ultimately be cast in foamy latex....I started the sculpt last May (click the archives if youre interested) and got sidetracked with other aspects of the film and stopmo in general, but now that Ive had a successful foam run I'm ready to finish her and get on with it :)

I ache for an animateable Jenny, oh the glorious tests that will be done.....

jriggity said...

cool stuff man!

I have seen the sculpt your refering to. It was a long time back and figured you already cast that.

well....good deal and take pics when ya do cast her.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Thank you for posting about baby steps! (I've been bad -- need to get back into that myself.)

The hand looks good. :-)

I'm wondering... I've read Uncle Ray talk about how putting underlying anatomy into your sculpts really gives them life. You're not doing the Harryhausen look to begin with -- but here are some observations/questions:

Seems to me that the middle knuckle would be lower than the other two (and there'd be knuckle bumps).

Not sure from the photo if the palm of the hand is concave, the back of the hand slightly convex. From what I can see, it looks a little flat. (Tendons on the back might be nice -- but are probably more fiddly than you want.)

Are each of the fingers going to have just two digits? -- In the way that you've gone with three fingers? Even if that's the case, I could see how accentuating bumps at the finger joints might be desirable.

Like I said -- it looks good as is... But you tend to like crit, so there's what came to mind. :-)

Ubatuber said...

Theres actually kind of a funny story there Sven....I had sculpted more of the hand that day, had bulgy finger shapes and carved knuckles.....and then I realized I had done it backwards, the knuckles were on the same side as the palm, so I had to squish it all away and start over :)

I thought she was looking fairly Harryhauseny, not that I'm necessarily shooting for that look but it is engrained in my subconscious by now so I don't think I can not incorporate it, know what I mean? Anyway, yeah, underlying anatomy.....I absolutely want her fingers spindly and bony like a grandmothers....and yes, crit is always welcome and encouraged, thanks as always :)