I'm starting to itch.

June SMS is singing its sweet sirens song in my head and I tire of the Jenny focus. It started setting in around Bacchus, and I thought the distraction of making that puppet would be enough, scratch the itch and get back to Jenny...
See, I'm trying to push myself, to get a JG teaser trailer done for this July, for the October Lovecraft Film Fest....but with recent additions to the story, involving two new, large sets, i could realistically be making Jenny for another 3 years or longer....so is it too early for a trailer? The thing is, the more I push myself to stay focused on Jenny, the faster I get bored, unmotivated. And now I have an idea for the June StopMoShorts Haiku (although it may be too grotesque for SMS' standards) and I feel the need to shift over to that....actually spend the two 1/2 months working on it, instead of pounding a short out in the last two weeks...
But I look at my overall Jenny progress and its a little discouraging. I have a test Nola (who Im thinking about sculpting and casting in foam). I have a 90% complete Jenny sculpt. Still need sto be cast, painted, and armatured. I have a piece of unfinished pier (1 of 3). I have some of the background set done (trees and Bait Shop). I feel like there should be more, considering its been almost a year and a half.
Im not sure why the sense of urgency with the Jenny film, why i feel so stressed about it....


jriggity said...

Hey man! Stay strong brother!!
Your human ....it takes alot of beans to set out on the journy to create a Film.

if you wana take a few months off to do the Haiku....go for it.

Itll probably make jenny stronger in the end.

Just be carefull of the WAFFLE.....I have had many many many friends and fellow artist fall to the sticky waffleages.


gl. said...

you can do it, jeffrey!

Mark F said...

Urgency... Well thats OK, it keeps you going.

Stress... Let it go, just work your plan, It will get done.

I think you are making kick butt progress.
Look at it this way.

Story is firmly in hand.
Puppets are coming along nicely.
You have a rocking bait shop and forrest set.
A good start on the pier.
A few more shorts and tests under your belt.

I would say that is great progress for a one man band.
Nothing to feel bad about IMHO

Keep on Keepin' on!


Darkstrider said...

Uh-oh! Now you're gonna hit the wall too? No - say it aint so!!!

There's something about working on a big project.... it can be so demotivating when you think about how much work it's gonna take. It really makes you yearn to get back to the quick and dirty stuff!

Maybe you just need some time away for a while, do something different, until Jenny starts to call again in her siren voice?

And then of course, you're in the same boat I am in a way.... you've already done too much work to just quit.

I think I'll keep working on my project in stages.... jhopefully each push will get me a good deal closer to finishing it. Then, when it's over and done, I want to start doing micro-flicks. Super-simple, just one or two puppets, one set, and a mega-simple story.

Ubatuber said...

Thanks folks....Im feeling more centered today :) I realize the stress is coming from the trailer, so I think I've decided to put that on hold. I want to get the word out about Jenny but I can better do that with cards or small posters at this point I think....

Plus....I dug out the EC story I was thinking of for SMS and lo & behold.....it takes place in New Orleans....
A sign from my muse ;)

Ubatuber said...

'EC' = EC Comics: Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science....the first comics I ever read....great horror shorts, like reading an episode of Tales from the Darkside or Twilight Zone...

Shelley Noble said...

I've been thinking about this sort of thing the last couple days, Jeff. I'm not burning out on my biggie project but I sure do feel often overwhelmingly "behind". So little to show and unable to produce more quickly.

Behind for what? Maybe some stop mos will recognize this sense too(?) but I feel "behind" for getting to make it before dying or something equally scary.

I can see my project all so clearly and I love it so much and the scope of it, even simplified, is so enormous that I feel I'm running a race to get it done before my time runs out, whenever that is.

I think that if you push on with Jenny or make Haiku at your pleasure, either way it's crucial that you not pound on yourself.

After all, if we were to be looking back at how we lived I think the only regret we'd feel is for making our time unpleasant when it didn't have to be.

Shelley Noble said...

Whups, I seem to have killed this thread instead. Never mind! happy happy JOy JOY! xox