Gold Leaf

Oh nooooooooooooo!

Today I applied gold leaf to the mask, for a while there he looked tar'd n feather'd....but after I took a toothbrush to him, he turned out nice.....I'm very happy with the end result, he managed to hold onto most of his detail.

Happy Aprils Fools Day everybody, and let the production marathon begin.....I'm gonna work on Bacchus for another day or two, then its onto something Jenny...


jriggity said...

I likes it!


Darkstrider said...

Ok, Now I get it! I was lost for a while there.... didn't know why you were posting about Baccy! I was thinking maybe you had expanded your blog to just talk about whatever you wanted. ;)

The mask is looking good bro!

Might want to bear in mind, some pretty strong differences between 'Baccy and Dionysus, about like the differences from the Old Testament god of brimstone and wrath and the New Testament god of compassion and benevolence.... or between Father Christmas and Santa Claus. Dionysus was a bad dude.... all about destruction through musical trance and savage dismemberment, while Baccus (as I understand it) is a later version, more about just getting drunk and partying till you puke.

grant said...

I love your mask and character design too!