Only Skin Deep - Armatures

Here they are, Herbert and Suzanne's skeletons. I'll sculpt over these, then cast in foam latex....He's got a rectal tie-down for sitting in bed, and she's got tie-downs in her lower back and head for lying in bed. Both are rigged for speech with a lower-jaw wire.......Ah, speech. One of my current dilemmas. My wife and I might end up voicing the characters but I dont think we'll be very good and I'm not sure what to do about that. Any voice actors out there, or really anyone, willing to donate an hour or two in the next few weeks, contact me! Word balloons will be spoken, boxed text will be narration. I'm editing some of the story out, minor panels and unimportant dialogue, but for the most part I want to keep the 1950s era speech. Here's the first panel....

His costume will probably change, I havent decided. Im not exactly sure what he's supposed to be, the hat looks like a sombrero. He has to have a mask on, which limits possibilities. I'd like him to be dressed as someone sort of noble, b/c itll make the ending a bit ironic. Ive considered a knight, Robin Hood, Batman, Zorro...any ideas?

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jriggity said...

So.... after you sculpt and mold you pull off all the clay and use the armature underneath?

smart....I would always create crappy armatures for my maquettes.

mainly cause I just wana get to sculpting.

your way is much more effeciant I think.

cool to see the progress.