Ready for Foam...

Dead sculpts pulled from the mold, its become one of my favorite parts of the process....grotesque mutations :)

Foam casting today, possibly painting too if I have time....the plan, I think, is to shoot everything 'nude' first, then costume the pups and shoot the first half of the short.....

My first foam disaster.....gelled in the bowl seconds after shutting the mixer off (but not so soon that I didn't start pouring it into the mold-- D'OH -- gonna try again, with less gelling agent and a shorter refine time)....

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jriggity said...

Ohh the sweet smell of a failed foaming!

We completely have come up with our own times for foaming characters.....and they dont resembel the direction on the packaging at all.

far too much gelling agent...and too much time was our problem.

we ended up with a very similar time and weight too your final concoction.

glad it worked on the second go.