Smoky Visions

Its official, I won't finish this short for June 30. Not even close. I could be working on this film through August, with the amount of time I expect to need for the digital effects/greenscreen work. Its nice to be working without a deadline, for the first time really. "Pandora" & "Widow" were both done for StopMoShorts.com's Visual Haiku. When "Only Skin Deep" is done I may shop her around to some festivals. In the meantime, I'll be plugging away and updating as often as possible. I'll be working on a couple of other projects simultaneously, including art for a comic book story and some effects work for theatre.

I've spent the last few days working on a few effects for a sequence in my short involving smoky visions. Here are a couple of screencaps.


Shelley Noble said...

Nice! Congratulations, Jeffery, sounds like life is going your way sweetly. Enjoy all the creative time.

jriggity said...

awww man!.....well..keep working

be carefull though....dont get to mixed up on your focus.

I wana see your film in its entirety ...Ha!

well....good luck man!