Aquatic Cyclops

The EC story is on hold because of the copyright issue. I am waiting for a response from Gemstone Publishing, who reprints and (as far as I can tell) owns the rights.....I have a feeling it won't be good news but we'll see........(thinking silver lining, I've got 3 sets and 2 puppets, just waiting for a story....maybe something for 'Monster Month' (October) :D

There are developments to speak of, though. I met a local filmmaking feller last week who appreciates (and has dabbled in) the fine art of stop-motion, and has tapped me to create & animate a puppet for a sequence in a live-action film he is developing. His name's Ryan Dufrene, BipolarBearProductions , and I'll let him describe the scene for you.

"Our film is about a Spanish Aquatic Police Force.
The flashback scene shows a young boy hiding behind his Mother's skirt as a huge
Cyclops roars in anger just a hundred yards off of the shoreline. The team leader (who is much younger then we are used to seeing him in the film) is fearless and smoking a cigar as the wind blows upon him majestically. He sizes up the dreadful beast.
We go to a voice-over of the team leader explaining how the regular police force didn't know how to handle the situation, the Cyclops hadn't hurt anyone but technically he was loitering and scaring the hell out of the beach goers. The team leader motions his team to attack, he prepares to watch a long and bloody battle. His team charges across the road with a fearsome battle cry. All five men are instantly demolished by a passing 18 wheeler, they were just a little too focused on the monster. The monster finds their quick exit from this world rather amusing, he laughs. The team leader quickly recovers from the shock of the demise of his entire squad. He flicks his cigar at the Cyclops with impossible force and accuracy. Bam! The cigar plunges directly into the creatures one gigantic peeper. We cut out of the flashback at this point, TEAM MEMBER, "That poor cyclops never stood a chance...."

It's a short scene, and exciting for me to think of working like Harryhausen :) I've done a sketch of the aquatic beast, sort of a blend of Uncle Ray's cyclops, the Kraken, the Gillman, and Paulie from the Sopranos.

I'll need to give his belly some girth, armature-wise....I want to be able to animate the belly-jiggle when he laughs (like a bowl full of jelly), but it'll have to be something that can bake in the oven and is compatible with foam latex (hey Justin/Shel - ever armatured a fat foam belly?)....I start sculpting this week, watch for regular updates (finally ;)

In other news, I've come across a couple of new items. Pros-aide No Tack!! No more tacky mess while painting the foam latex. And for tie-downs, I recently purchased some 'threaded inserts' from a model train shop (also picked up some ultra-sweet looking long green grass for the Jenny shoreline set).


jriggity said...

Yeah man,

lots of fat foam bellies. As long as your armature has a big block in there to animate you shouldnt have any problems.

just attach a block that you can easily grab through the latex to shift up or down In or out.

you after its foamed test out its mobility....if it still doesnt give you enough..

you can cut open his gut from the side and hollow it out some more if needed.


Shelley Noble said...

Woooooo, threaded inserts!! Dems lookie good!

Monster making, original film thinking, doing, buying, yay!