The Big Green Guy(s)

Today I worked out the Aquaclops sculpt a bit more, refined some of the shapes. I really like the tubby jelly bean shape of his body. He's getting heavy though, starting to lean, particularly when I'm working on his upper half...I may need to add some kind of support rod. Switched out the eye for a smaller one (5/8" I believe).

Then I painted a new layer on the City Park Troll. Still trying to work out that reaching arm, and the big guy's head (or whats visible of it)....couldn't help adding a little detail to that one leg (its my favorite part right now)..


Sven Bonnichsen said...

There's a hypothesis I've heard, that the Greeks came up with the idea of the giant cyclops after having seen elephant skulls. Do a google-images search for "elephant skull" and you'll immediately see why. Useful reference/inspirational material, perhaps?

jriggity said...

cool little bit of info Sven!

hey man....its super fun to watch you develope this character...

I wana make some monsters some day too.


Ubatuber said...


Awesome Sven, thanks!

Shelley Noble said...

Love the developing painting!

Love the new eye size, you got it right.