Inishmore in the Times Picayune

Every Friday our local paper has an Arts & Entertainment insert, "The Lagniappe". A few weeks ago there was a cover story about Southern Rep Theatre and the Nola Project, who are putting on two shows at once, 'Wind in the Willows' & 'Lieutenant of Inishmore'. Then this past Friday, a review of 'Inishmore' hit newstands. I'm mentioned in both articles....

"...Each night, five gallons or more of stage blood is shed onstage. Larimer and Rilette are flying in Waldo Warshaw, who did the blood effects in New York, to handle the blood and gun choreography. And they've found a local stop-motion animation artist, Jeffrey Roche, to create realistic limbs that are hacked up."

"...If Sean Creel's cottage interior looks a bit too clean and simple, it may be because they have to wash off buckets of blood every night, provided by Waldo Warshaw, who also directs the fights and gun choreography. The appropriately simple, rough-hewn costumes are by Michelle Bohn. Be aware: Loud gun blasts punctuate the action and there are quasi-realistic-looking body parts by Jeffrey Roche."


jriggity said...

cool beans !


Darkstrider said...

Ok dude, now it's time for all the fame to go to your head and have a high-powered Lohan/Britney-style meltdown. See ya after rehab!!


Off the Shelf Productions said...

Wow, Thats really Cool. But dont take tooo much notice of Darkstrider!!! Only Joking

On Note of your last post I love the Troll, Maybe you should move the girl closer so the hand can reach her...And I love your idea for a opening sequence, I want to do one in live-action. Dunno wether it'll happen though. I have the Mask!!

-Good Luck

gl. said...

yeah, jeffrey!

did the picayune mean "be aware".... or BEWARE?! moo ha ha ha ha!

Shelley Noble said...

You are incredibly talented, Jeffery Roche, and the theater is the perfect match for your gifts. Bravo!