INT - Cave

I decided to just go ahead and fabricate the interior of the cave behind the 'entrance wall', even though Herbie will actually crawl through a tunnel to get there. The entrance, in the story, will be situated atop a hill, and he will actually descend into the belly :) of the hill from the entrance at the top, discovering this tiny cavern and pool (the pool in the pic was digitally added).
Stalagmites made of mesh, drizzled with a few layers of rubber latex. The cave itself is plaster, bandages wrapped around an old bowl to get the shape, then I spackled the inside for more texture, primed it black, and cut it in half. Spackled/mossy floor & paint job next, and naked Herbie needs a costume. I'm thinking Darth Indiana Jones.


mefull said...

the cave scene is looking great - nice!

jriggity said...

Dang you move Fast!

nice images....I can see it already.


Sven Bonnichsen said...


(And while I'm breaking radio silence... Monster Month begins next week! I'm painting up a storm -- hope to see a few 'tuber creations during October, too. ;-D )

Darkstrider said...

Hey, it'll be Uba-Tober!!!! ;)