I think I've got a title for the new short.

I couldn't decide whether to keep the 'ed' at the end, 'Unearth' or 'Unearthed'? I'm exploring the idea of an opening crawl for the short, threw one together even, I'll post the video later.....for now here's a pic....

...but I don't know if I'll use it or not. The text might be used during the 'manuscript reading/cafe' scene if I drop the crawl. Most of the text is inspired by/borrowed from Lord Dunsany's 'Gods of Pegana' (c1905), from the section titled 'The Eye in the Waste', which tells of the living hill 'Ranorada', a carved homage to Hoodrazai, the god who knows, the only god to have seen 'The End'. Dunsany inspired the likes of Lovecraft and Tolkien, and with his Pegana writings creates an entire universe brimming with fantastic and cosmic horror. I considered naming the short Pegana, but that would be like calling a film about a perch, 'Cthulhu', IMO...

One leg down on the Seaclops, one leg to go, then arms need texture and hands need to be sculpted.


gl. said...

i love that text, but it took me some time to decipher it. some of the lettering is a little illegible, so it might not work so well as a crawl...

Shelley Noble said...

Cool about the God who knows, I love metaphor creatures! I couldna read the text well either but loved the parts I could make out.

The cave ext and int are looking great.

Uba-Tober! hahahaha! Good one, Mike!

Ubatuber said...

Thanks gL and Shell, y'know, I thought that it might be too illegible at first, but then I guess I looked at it for so long that it stopped looking so difficult to read :) I'll definitely use a different font if I go with a crawl...I want it to look like an excerpt from the manuscript...maybe I should just handwrite it myself......

Here's the translation for anyone unable to read through it:

Beyond the bayou seven swamps do slumber,
The seventh untrodden by the feet of Man,
For none goeth beyond.

Untouched by the rushing river,
Watched by the moon alone,
Here standeth an idol that hath been hewn of old from the Living Hill,
The eye in the waste,
Wrought by the hands of the gods,
Guardians of Immortality,