Tree Beast

Happy Halloween all. I finished up the Tree Beast clip just in time. Here you go, enjoy :::)
Monster Month South is at an end, until next year....

TreeBeast 103107 from Ubatuber on Vimeo.


Tree Beast Halloween Clip Progress

I meant to throw together the set and animate today, but instead spent all day setting up, moving lights, rigging branches and foliage off-set for shadows, etc etc. The live-action bit is in the can, though there's a halo in the test cap below......I animate over the next few days.


Fires Burn California

Our hearts go out to all those evacuated from their homes in the San Diego area.



Its officially Monster Month! Throughout October, my cousin Raymond Jefferson Legrasse, a fisherman on the bayou, will be sharing sketches of some of the...wildlife...in his neck of the woods, which has gotten a bit strange since the storm.
Check out the bestiary by clicking the image below....


Mini-Me, er....Mini-Legrasse

So I decided I needed to clean my corner of the kitchen before getting going on the Tree Beast micro-clip, which will feature the untimely death of my 'cousin' RJ Legrasse, who has been scoping out the crazy wildlife of the post-Katrina bayou. Tree Beast will be too much for him unfortunately, and it won't be an easy death....quick but painful.....coming soon :::)
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T is for Tree Beast

Last October, 2006, the seeds of Monster Month were planted. originally conceived as a way for me to hammer out some simple designs, ultimately choosing one for sculpting and casting, my first foam latex run. I made the Tree Beast puppet, but never got around to doing anything with it. Until now....
I'm resurrecting him for a special, ultra-short clip, a 2-day intensive involving live-action. I'm going to need a puppet stand-in, a tiny version of me to make that old Harryhausen switcheroo. Tonight I started on the mini-pup, the smallest and simplest I've made. No tie-downs or epoxy clay, just wire and latex.
I got a bit more of the 'Unearthed' cave interior set done this week too...


The Glove of Authority

I spent some time sewing the stocking into a glove, while I was wearing it....looked like a webbed hand when I was done, then I snipped up the webbing and turned it inside out.....looked great.....and then Juli put it on and it hung off of her, especially at the wrist....guess I stretched it out, D'OH.....the stitches were not very strong though, so I'm moving on to a glove....IF I can find one, has to be extra long (to the shoulder would be best) and not a thick material, also fit snuggly....ugh.....I'm beginning to think I should just fabricate a latex piece for her to slip on.....maybe foam, hmmmm......I could take a plaster cast of her molded arm, which I need in order to finish the cave-opening set, cover it with a thin (1/4") layer of clay, sculpt it a little to look like rock, texture it, make a plaster mold of it, and then cast in foam or mask latex....I should be able to put the original plaster cast of the arm into the foam as my armature, so that I pull out a hollow piece, a glove......any thoughts?


Lilies of the Field

I finished mossin' up the area just outside the cave, which will be a field of white calla lilies....as Herbie approaches the cave, he will trample carelessly on the flora....I've started on my first batch of lilies....I think they're a little large but I've only made about 20, and I'll need about 50, so the next batch will be smaller, for a layered effect...for each flower I twisted up a small square (about 3/4") of white rice paper, dabbed the twisted end in glue, then stuck them to 3" lengths of green floral wire....I'm going to give them a little paintjob, some yellow staining at the base of each flower, also a stamen and paper leaves....


The Arm of Authority

...started mossin' up the cave set....

In the new short, 'Unearthed', a stone goddess is awoken and seeks retribution, peeking in Herbie's window, then reaching in grabbing for him. I've decided to go for pixilation, my wife Julianna will be playing the giant, her arm will be animated like a puppet basically. My main concern was, will she be able to hold poses for extended periods of time, and I think the answer is no, which means I'll have to shoot in increments. I planned on just painting her arm to look like stone, but decided it would be best to use an appliance since we'll be filming in short bursts. Today I bought a pair of nice white stockings (oy, the things we do for love of our craft :)....I plan to paint it with washes of fabric paint and maybe even add a few ridges or rough stoney edges using rubber latex....right now I'm trying to figure out the fingers, I dont know much about nylon/pantyhose but I know about runs and figure I can't sew these things or they'll tear? Maybe glue to make seams between the fingers, which can then be cut and separated so it fits like a glove? I'll avoid the problem of greenscreening the two missing fingers by placing that hand on the other window, as if she's bracing herself from outside with her left hand and using her right to search inside the apartment....this other hand will also serve to block the window, so we won't see her face too much, so I won't have to worry about what to do with her bottom jaw, since, well, the sculpture is a cave and doesnt have one.....I'll probably just paint her chin/bottom lip black and hide it with lighting....