The Arm of Authority

...started mossin' up the cave set....

In the new short, 'Unearthed', a stone goddess is awoken and seeks retribution, peeking in Herbie's window, then reaching in grabbing for him. I've decided to go for pixilation, my wife Julianna will be playing the giant, her arm will be animated like a puppet basically. My main concern was, will she be able to hold poses for extended periods of time, and I think the answer is no, which means I'll have to shoot in increments. I planned on just painting her arm to look like stone, but decided it would be best to use an appliance since we'll be filming in short bursts. Today I bought a pair of nice white stockings (oy, the things we do for love of our craft :)....I plan to paint it with washes of fabric paint and maybe even add a few ridges or rough stoney edges using rubber latex....right now I'm trying to figure out the fingers, I dont know much about nylon/pantyhose but I know about runs and figure I can't sew these things or they'll tear? Maybe glue to make seams between the fingers, which can then be cut and separated so it fits like a glove? I'll avoid the problem of greenscreening the two missing fingers by placing that hand on the other window, as if she's bracing herself from outside with her left hand and using her right to search inside the apartment....this other hand will also serve to block the window, so we won't see her face too much, so I won't have to worry about what to do with her bottom jaw, since, well, the sculpture is a cave and doesnt have one.....I'll probably just paint her chin/bottom lip black and hide it with lighting....


Michael Haverty said...

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Sven Bonnichsen said...

I don't know how much the Hand and Herbie interact. Would it be possible to shoot the two separately (plus a clean plate) and then composit them together?

Also: Haven't seen it myself yet, but there's that Bolex Brothers film "Tom Thumb" which involves pups interacting with pixelated humans. Might be worth a gander.

Darkstrider said...

Oh wow, I didn't realize new posts were showing up underneath the Monster Month South tag! Cool to see what's going on with the movie - I was afraid it was on hold all month long.

Hmmm.... not too sure about nylon stockings being able to hold any paint. Usually the rule is at least 50% cotton for holding fabric paint. You might want to find a full-length opera glove instead (finger problem solved that way too).... or just make a big animated arm similar to the one you made for the play a while back. Or a regular white cotton glove and a sleeve from a shirt.

Shelley Noble said...

Mike comes through, Jeff. But I say you can also gently sew the stockins'. White thread and needle should do something, it would be delicate though. I've sewn a lot of stockings into soft sculptures and they are surprisingly durable to shape.

You're using the stocking to add stone texture over Julianna's arm for multiple scene sessions right? If you can get latex to stick, I don't see why you couldn't get color on there in the latex globbing.

Or you could just develop a quickie formula for dresing her bare arm. Like dipping it in a thin coating of milky plaster and letting it dry (sorry Julianna) and rock a quick stone-colored acrylic paint job, different each time. It could look awakened goddess cool if her flesh was cracking through a plaster layer.

And--she wouldn't need an arm waxing on that side for a while! (Athough she probably doesn't need those like I do! *blush*)