The Glove of Authority

I spent some time sewing the stocking into a glove, while I was wearing it....looked like a webbed hand when I was done, then I snipped up the webbing and turned it inside out.....looked great.....and then Juli put it on and it hung off of her, especially at the wrist....guess I stretched it out, D'OH.....the stitches were not very strong though, so I'm moving on to a glove....IF I can find one, has to be extra long (to the shoulder would be best) and not a thick material, also fit snuggly....ugh.....I'm beginning to think I should just fabricate a latex piece for her to slip on.....maybe foam, hmmmm......I could take a plaster cast of her molded arm, which I need in order to finish the cave-opening set, cover it with a thin (1/4") layer of clay, sculpt it a little to look like rock, texture it, make a plaster mold of it, and then cast in foam or mask latex....I should be able to put the original plaster cast of the arm into the foam as my armature, so that I pull out a hollow piece, a glove......any thoughts?

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Darkstrider said...

Is it really necessary to put an appliance on her? The face statue looks pretty smooth, just like a human face.

I guess you could make up a few thin sheets of foam latex with texture on them, and just attach those? That would mean spirit gum though or some kind of adhesive. Un;ess you just glue it to itself around her arm.

Maybe the guardian statue could be a male? (Guess who I'm thinking here?) You might be able to set the computer up to be voice activated, so you could animate your own arm and just say "take a frame" or something. Or even shoot off frames with one arm while posing the other. It's been done before (gotta be difficult though!)

The other option that occurrs to me is.... make a mold of her arm and build a duplicate.... but you already said that, didn't you? Gaaahh.... tired now.... must sleep!!