Alley - Almost There!

The allet set is almost ready for its paintjob! I'm trying to decide whether to leave the dumpster where it is, or slide it (& the brick wall) over to the left, creating space under the street lamp instead. I think I'll leave it where it is, because I want the murder of Su to take place in the shadows, sort of hidden, and if theyre right under the street lamp that might not be possible. I suppose its worth experimenting when the paintjob is complete. I'm also going to experiment with lighting. I've considered having the (red?) glow of a large blinking neon sign illuminate the set every few seconds, would be cool for casting light on a lurking Herbie but might be a little harsh for this short. Ive also considered having moving lighting, since parades will be rolling at the end of the alley, there should be some light reflecting into the alley from passing floats. Or I may just go with straight creepy moody alley lighting (a circle of light from the streetlamp, a warm glow from the windows). I've also considered using a couple of practical lights, in the lamp and on the balcony, but I think I'll try to digitally add those.

The balcony railing gave me a bit of trouble. I've alreday got a couple of 'wrought iron' pieces, for the cafe set, so I wanted this railing to match those, but when I pulled out my liquid sculpey, it seems to have gotten thinner over the last few months. In fact I could hardly recognize the shapes I drew with it, before even putting it in the oven. Turned all puddly on me. I tried refrigerating it, but it just puddled up again in the oven. So I dug around and found a bottle of puffy T-shirt paint, which created an almost identical effect.

Ive got a few more last minute details to add, like curtains in the windows and hinges on the newest shuttered doors....also, I was planning on painting a dark doorway next to the dumpster, but might actually build a walkway by cutting a whole in the set wall and extending the flooring back, like a hallway into the building....


gl. said...

puff paint? really? genius! i never thought about using it as a separate dimensional item on sets (or collages!).

i love how you're thinking of the parade reflections/lighting, too.

Paul (Vortex42) said...

I agree about the subtle light dancing into the alley from the parade! That will look great... I doesn't need to be much, just a hint.

The alley is shaping up nicely! Looking forward to the paint-job.

Darkstrider said...

It's all looking great!

I like the idea of a hallway cut into the wall, it would take the essentially flat background wall and give it more dimension, but I suspect it would be a little too crowded in there.