Unearthed - Cafe du Petit Monde

I made a lot of progress yesterday on the sprucing of the cafe set. I realize I'll need to change my greenscreen now, as I've got green beads and green grass and green awning.

I've named the shop "Cafe du Petit Monde" and sort of modelled it on a local place, Cafe du Monde, where you can treat yourself to a damn fine cuppa coffee and chow down on beignets (pronounced 'ben-yays', square doughnuts fried and covered in powder sugar), another N'awlins tradition.
Still got a few props to make and some minor details to add to the set.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Still here with you...! Loving the lattice-work... And the white bleed on the red brick wall is a brilliant detail.


Darkstrider said...

Looks great!

A little concerned about the shadows on the greenscreen, and the height of the awning. Looks fine while he's seated, but if he stands it'll be at chest level.

jriggity said...

Nice call strider!

I ve had lots of issues with that in my experiments.

lookng good though.


UbaTuber said...

Howdy Svengali! Thanks guys! I dont think Herbie will be standing but I raised the awning about an inch anyways, much better. Finishing up the last details and ready to resume filming over the weekend...