Unearthed, Scene 2 in Prose

Hello all, that ol' bloggin' guilt's weighing heavy on me, that little voice that says "Post something....Post Something!" (I think maybe its LIO's voice :)
So here I am, again with no new animation....its coming, I promise.....I haven't even started yet, the crappy retail job has been stressful lately and I've been semi-hunting for new work...I know you're all eager to see what happens with Herbie the Murdering Mime, right? So let me tell you, at the very least...........
.....we open on Herbie, fade-in, close-up....he wipes the mime make-up off of his face with a napkin...well, most of it anyway.....long shot, we see that he is sitting in a Cafe....he puts the napkin down and drags on a cigarette.....a bottle of wine/champagne sits in a cooler on the table, along with the Tome he has just murdered for...the parades are still rolling, now passing outside the patio of the Cafe where a small crowd is gathered watching from the sidewalk, but Herbie sits alone.......He puts out his ciggy, pushes the ashtray aside, and drags the book closer...From his pocket he withdraws the key, inserts it into the books lock...immediately there is a clanking sound, apparently coming from inside the book, a series of metallic clangs and whooshes, as if a tiny vault is opening.....the emblem on the tome begins to turn, slowly, until coming to a stop with a click.....the book bursts open, revealing a page to Herbie...On the page is a drawing of a woman in profile....she appears to be made of stone....the drawing slowly turns its head, staring at Herbie....She crawls toward him, getting closer to the surface of the page....she opens her mouth and we enter, a long dark tunnel......


Darkstrider said...

I can hear LIO's voice saying "Dude.... don't *blow your wad* all at once!!! I'm not sure it's a good idea to tell the story, even though you're at least only telling the next scene. Personally I'd rather wait and see it animated! But well do I know that voice that intones "post something dammit!" :)

Sven Bonnichsen said...

As our little community's resident wad blower, I say: Cool! Great imagery!

We've had this discussion before -- but I'll reaffirm that hearing about the "making of" as it's happening helps me bond with the project. When it's completed, it'll feel more significant to me because I got to come along on the journey toward its creation.

If you want to sell the film, don't ever put the whole thing online. If you have a budget that depends upon making a big splash on opening weekend or at a festival, then certainly be secretive.

But I continue to feel that for emerging artists like us, it's far more important to develop and maintain a community of fans... And that means talking with us about something interesting, rather than staying hidden behind black curtains until you can pop out with the big surprise months or years in the future.

Perhaps the opposite of "blowing your wad" is REPURPOSE REPURPOSE REPURPOSE! You've got some material -- use it to good effect now, and all along the way...

To wait until the very last minute to show what you've been working on -- to me, THAT feels like blowing your wad!

Darkstrider said...

Nothing wrong with sharing the process along the way.... but that's a bit different from outright telling the whole story! I realize this is just 1 scene, not the same as telling the entire story, but a smaller version of it.

Strange that lately you haven't been sharing your own progress Sven.... ??? The Monster Month book was done entirely in secret, and I think you only showed 1 or 2 pics of the Proff Ichbonnsenn clip before posting it?

The important thing is to blow your wad at the right time.... ;)

I think Sven is right though for beginners.... it's fine to share all the progress you want on a project that won't approach professional levels, but when you get to a point where you don't want your ideas plagiarized and you want to draw in an audience and leave them with a burning desire to see the finished film, I think the best method was demonstrated by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczrbowski (of Madame Tutli-Putli) and the makers of Dragon software. Give away only tantalizing tidbits, allow the viewer to feel that they're somehow involved in the project, but don't spill all your secrets or oversaturate.

Of course that's just my opinion.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

"The Monster Month book was done entirely in secret, and I think you only showed 1 or 2 pics of the Proff Ichbonnsenn clip before posting it? "

Couldn't talk about putting the book together, because that was going to be a surprise xmas gift for a few folks. ;)

The Ichbonnsen clip was done in a near-sleepless 3 day marathon -- no time to post. But I did share the making of the puppet back in November (?), when that part of the process happened.

At some point we'll break this wad-blowing issue down into its most basic elements... The differences between sharing tantalizing clips, sharing the script, explaining how props/puppets are made... It's a good meaty subject for exploration.

But not tonight. :P

Darkstrider said...

Ok, well just to be clear - I never said "don't share your progress", only "don't give away the whole story".