Unearthed - Filming the Cafe

I've got about another 15 sec done, just about halfway through the cafe scene...I had a ton of trouble with the greenscreenery on this particular shot, not sure why...I ended up having to do some 'cookie cutter' magic with the shot in post, basically cut out the rectangle where the green screen is (using the 'mask' tool) and only chromakeyed that portion....hard to explain....one of these days I'll rig up a little Sony Vegas toot...the pic below isnt quite finished, I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, too much going on with the float footage, not enough focus placed on Herbie I think....will try darkening or blurring the floats, or maybe adding some digital lighting, like a spotlight on the big H...also may have to switch out the float footage, though I really wanted to use this particular float, 'cause it's Chicken Run!

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