Mossman & Tree Beast?

Monster Month '08 is winding down and I'm still trying to edit together my Mossman clip, it should be posted later today....which leaves me with 2 days to shoot and edit the Tree Beast clip.....can I do it? Maaaaaayyybe.....or maybe we'll leave Lurline vs. the Tree Beast for next year....we'll see....
I've also got a little work to do on my costume, we haven't costumed in years and I've been looking forward to it (this year I'm Beetlejuice :) We're plannig on attending a new Nola tradition, the Krewe of Boo, a parade put together by the legendary Mr. Mardi Gras, Blaine Kern, who hopes to make Nola THE place to be for Halloween.....sounds awesome to me, lets hope things work out....I'll be there in the crowd showing my support!


Smoky Mountain Mossman

We are back from a beautiful week spent in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. We stayed in a cabin near Gatlinburg, explored Smoky Mountain National Park, visited the town of Cherokee, N.C., attended the Pumpkin Festival, and saw beautiful fall colors everywhere.

This week I shoot the Mossman footage, probably on Wednesday. I have the set ready, designed to resemble the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video, which you can watch here if you are unfamiliar.


Pumpkin Patch - MM2008

My punkin patch clip is posted over on the MMSouth blog, click the Monster Month banner above to head over there and check it out!

I'll be out of town for the next few days, but when I get back, watch for my second MM clip featuring the Mossman!


Big Easy Shorts Festival

I got an email today informing me that "Widow" has been accepted into the Big Easy Shorts Festival and will "premier" at a local theatre in November. This news is exciting for me, my first success amidst a small sea of submissions of art and film that I have deposited into the world over the last year or so.
The official lineup will be announced tomorrow, I'll update as more info becomes available....

In production news, I'm just about done setting up the pumpkin patch, plan to shoot that clip for MM on the 10th....I am positively itching to edit and add fx to my newest "Unearthed" scene, the cemetery gates, but alas I'll have to wait until October is over if I want to get my three MM clips done :::)


MM2008 - The Mossman Cometh

Meet the Mossman! He towers over Herbie and the cemetery set, my largest pup yet, approx 13". He's got a basic wire armature, covered in upholstry foam, wrapped in athletic bandages for shape, then coated in hot glue and mossed up. The hot glue made him stiffer than I'd like, but I think once it cracks (or I cut it) near the bends and crooks of his body, he'll be loosier goosier. I'm not done with his head yet...

In Unearthed news, I got about 10 seconds into the gate sequnce and Herbies one-wired arm broke completely....I opened up the foam, tried to reapply the epoxy putty bones with a new piece of twisted wire between, from bicep to forearm, but it didn't hold....so now I've rigged a quick fix, jammed a piece of larger armature wire up his sleeve to act as a splint for the last 5-6 seconds of the shot....

Then I strike the set and set up the MM Pumpkin Patch...
Splint successful! Sequence shot! Set stricken! :::)


Monster Month 2008

Its officially Monster Month!! Most of my posting this month will be done over on the MM blog, which you can link to from the groovy new banner up yonder. I will, however, pop in here occasionally to share behind-the-scenes bits on the three video clips I plan to shoot this month in honor of the occasion.
Cheers and Happy October!!

:::) Spider Smilies