Ubatuber Productions Stop-Mo LoGo

I finally got around to animating my tuber yesterday, edited and added effects this morning. The tater was impaled on a 12" wooden dowel which ran through the styrofoam planet and into a piece of foamcore that I used as my tabletop. I tried to keep the visible portion of the dowel, from the bottom of the potato to the surface of the planet, hidden in shadow, also painted it black, but ultimately ended up going into photoshop and erasing bits here and there. I enhanced the green glow-y eyes in PS also. The beam and smoke come courtesy of ParticleIllusion, my favorite little effects tool. Music is mostly cobbled from various sound effects found on Soundsnap.com, another fantastic resource.
I'm going to come up with a shorter .gif file to use as my new avatar.

Ubatuber Productions Logo from Ubatuber on Vimeo.


Mo Lo Go

Hey all, Happy 2009! Im starting off the year with a quickie project thats been stewing for a couple of years, a stop-mo version of my logo. It'll feature a real (super)potato hovering over a planet that rotates around to read "Ubatuber Productions". A tiny alien will pop his head out of a crater and get zapped by the tuber's laser beam, smoked, in the last second, a touch of humor. I'm trying to get the whole thing done this weekend and thought a right proper blog post was in order. Here's my progress so far:

I sawed a 10" styrofoam ball in half and schmeared the whole thing with clay, sculpting craters as I went. I textured the clay with a toothbrush and painted the craters black. I dug out one of the craters to fit my tiny alien.

The potatoes I have on hand are too light in color, I wanted a real earthy brown tater, so I gave it a few washes of a rusty brown acrylic...

I'm going with paper replacement eyes, each with an earring post glued to the back, for to poke into the tuber. I have since decided to go with a green glow instead of red and have reprinted the lot.

Here's the little alien that'll pop out of one of the craters and get zapped by superspud. He's made out of paper clay, air-hardening, and painted with acrylics.

I stuck some pre-fab wooden letters into the clay and added drops of superglue to hold them in place...and here's the whole shebang, for now....

I rigged a piece of red material with wire to make his little cape billow while the planet rotates beneath him. I still need to do some painting, I haven't decided whether to color the planet or leave it grey and moon-y. More coming soon...