Ubatuber Productions Stop-Mo LoGo

I finally got around to animating my tuber yesterday, edited and added effects this morning. The tater was impaled on a 12" wooden dowel which ran through the styrofoam planet and into a piece of foamcore that I used as my tabletop. I tried to keep the visible portion of the dowel, from the bottom of the potato to the surface of the planet, hidden in shadow, also painted it black, but ultimately ended up going into photoshop and erasing bits here and there. I enhanced the green glow-y eyes in PS also. The beam and smoke come courtesy of ParticleIllusion, my favorite little effects tool. Music is mostly cobbled from various sound effects found on Soundsnap.com, another fantastic resource.
I'm going to come up with a shorter .gif file to use as my new avatar.

Ubatuber Productions Logo from Ubatuber on Vimeo.


Shelley Noble said...

YAY! New motion from the super spud! I love this all kinda ways, Jeffery! Everything you do is so fun! Thanks for the resources too.

Michael said...

First, a few pics of work in progress - that looked very promising - then the whole clip thingee. The cape moving, the sounds all fitting, the planet itslef, the alien...And the sounds !
First I thought - why the dark spot over the Ubatuber Title - that I like very much - then when watching it fullscreen, it all made sense.
And yes, I like the three-bug-eyes alien.
Reborn from a 2D universe into full 3D real life performing stuff thingee that isn't cgi gah-gah. The potatoe that stands its ground.

gl. said...


people in gorillasuits said...

Edit (couldn't resist, now that I watched it again): The sill frame of the video in the post is hilarious.

jriggity said...

So very cool!!


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Love it! I watched it five times in a row, envious. :D

Kevin Harman said...

Really amazing! Potatoes, styrofoam, and clay -- such a handmade feel to it.