Ron Cole's "In the Fall of Gravity"

Ron Cole's "In the Fall of Gravity" is online for a limited time!
I've been reading bits about this film for so long, it's great to finally see it in full, and what a treat it is! Truly profound and breathtaking, from the opening shot to the very last frame, a definite must-see. But don't just watch it!! Please take a minute to sign up for a free account at BigStar.tv and give this thing a FIVE STAR rating. So much love and attention to detail went into this short, its the least we can do, yeah?

Click here to visit the site, sign up, and VOTE!!


Etsy Shop Set Up

Hello all, I've got my Etsy shop set up finally, or at least mostly, it will sort of be a work in progress, a learning process. So far all I've got listed are some prints and a couple of "Fleur de Lily" canvas boards, but soon I hope to add some lower priced items, fleur de lis magnets/pins, and some jewelry from my Lady. I'd eventually like to add T-shirts and posters for my films, especially "Jenny Greenteeth". I even started working on a photoshopped Nola image, pictured below, which I hope to make into a screen for screenprinting, which I will someday soon be teaching myself.
I've posted a link to the shop over in my links section. Peruse and enjoy! And offer feedback :)

On the job front, I've had absolutely no luck finding other work, not a single nibble, so it appears that I'm stuck, trudging along with an anally implanted big corporate phallus. On the bright side :) if I throw myself even further into my creative endeavors, maybe the sense of accomplishment will outway the soul-sucking job...


Series Title

I originally wanted to have a dozen or so of these 5x7 canvas boards painted up before shopping them to galleries, or marketing prints of them, but due to hard times (see last post) I've decided to go ahead and start making prints for sale now....I'll be setting up an Etsy.com store, and also "pitching" them to some local shops to see if anyone is interested in selling them....Ive looked into having them professionally printed, but I think to save money/increase profits, I'll be printing them myself at home using my HP 2610 and some high quality kodak matte paper...but now I need a name for the series...I want to stick a label on each one containing pertinent info, my web address, the name of the series etc....I've got it narrowed down to a few choices, the frontrunner right now is "Nola Legends" (with a tagline that reads "Rebuild. Renew. ReImagine.")....Juli likes "Tuber Tales", and thinks they could be put together in some kind of childrens book format, with little stories or poems, a la Sven's fantastic Monster Month book...anyone have any other thoughts or ideas, feel free to share!! I'll be posting more about the online shop once I've got it set up, I want to create a few small items to list as well, some fleur-de-lis merchandise and some of the Lady Julianna's jewelry....


Creativity On Hold

I reaaally hate to do this now, considering the awesome painting streak I've been on for a month or so now, but sometimes life just manages to get in the way. Here's the thing....I've been fairly miserable and stressed at my full-time job, managing a frame shop for a big arts and crafts corporation whose name starts with M. Ive never been a fan of corporations, always try to buy local, but when I started with the company, they went out of their way to take care of their employees, and it was refreshing. Not so much anymore. In fact, they seem to be, in my opinion, using the "economic recession" as an excuse to fuck over their employees now, cutting hours and positions, making it very difficult to give good customer service. They say they are in good shape, that their profits are up, but dig a little deeper and you'll see that their sales are actually down, which tells me that their profits are up because they are taking $ from us, the hard-working employees. Ive come extremely close to shooting my mouth off at the corporate muckity-mucks, and this week reached my boiling point. So I've begun to look for other work. The sooner I get out of this job, the better for my overall health. So I will be devoting my spare time to....something..........job hunting? (not going well)....Trying to market prints of my art?....maybe, but will it be enough to support me, pay the bills? Ugh....I know theres something better for me out there, I just don't know what it is....and until I figure something out, there probably won't be too many posts appearing here. I'll try to check in, keep everyone posted. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my happiness...


Fleur de Lis Times Three

I spent the last couple of days working on a commission, this trio of fleur de lis panels for a florist friend of mine.