Unearthed - Tweaking the Cemetery

After the soul-sucking fiasco that was the Arts Market used up most of my month, I'm finally back to work on the cemetery scene for "Unearthed". I had begun to play around with a pop-through, moving Herbie and taking still frames of the scene to get a better grasp on it, and then decided to tweak a couple of things, mostly additions to the set. I haven't done a pop-through "rehearsal" before, I usually semi-"wing it" while animating, figuring out rough timing on moves etc but leaving myself room to improvise where necessary. This shot is different though, due to the fact that I will be compositing greenscreen footage of my ghosts in post, requiring a bit more planning. So this week I'll fiddle with lighting, then work on the "rehearsal". Here are the changes that I made:

I mounted Herbie's bag over his shoulder to free up his hands.

I added the symbol from the book cover to one of the posts on the wrought-iron gate around the graves that serve as the entrance to Herbie's path. This symbol doesn't necessarily mean anything, I harvested the bit from my Lady's jewelry supplies because I thought it had a sort of celtic-y wiccan look to it, and used it here because I thought it would make a good visual aide, connecting this grave to the manuscript stolen at the beginning of the short.

And I added a second tree to the set, this one on the far right, so that I could get a "through the branches" POV shot.


Meet the Flarry's...

We've gotten more great slug photos, and have even attracted the attention of a new breed of slug that we'd never seen before....this new guy was flat and not-so-slimy, looked like a leaf when threatened, hence the name Flat Larry, or Flarry...soon enough there were a couple of other Flarry's, including Juli's favorite, Flo...

The Flarry's have the coolest little motility stripe on their undersides, when you flip them over you can see the little pulses going through, like a conveyor belt...

A teeny tiny Narcisslug...

"If I can just reeeeaaaaach..."

"What are you lookin' at, butthead?"



Metairie Cemetery Angel

I haven't played with charcoal in awhile, got the hankerin', and here you go.....'bout 3 hours of work...


Princess and the Frog

Ive been thrilled to see Disney headed back to 2-D animation, especially set in Nola, but now I'm especially excited, after seeing this new trailer...many of you may recognize elements of some of my recent paintings, the cathedral, the paddleboat, the streetcar....



Business Cards & Artist Info

I may be participating in an Arts Market at the end of May, just awaiting my application approval. I've been gathering together/creating some documents, making prints of some of my work, creating some paintings to sell, hunting for a cheap tent/tables, swiping display materials from work before they hit the dumpster, ordering mylar sleeves for my prints, y'know, getting my ducks in a row....here's a couple of my new documents:
Business Card (front):

Business Card (back):

Artist Info sheet: